Banana Pattern

I charge a flat rate of

$500 per Website

*$100 Non-refundable Deposit* after Initial Consultation 

(payment via Venmo)

This Rate Includes:

- Initial Consultation Appointment -

- Follow-Up Meetings to Discuss Draft Designs and Progress-

- Design of Website on Wix Platform -

(Wix Upgrades Available at Additional Cost)

- Connection to Google Search Engine-

- Support Establishing or Connecting to Domain -

(Non-Wix Branded Domain Available at Additional Cost)

- Client Education -

-**Support 30 Days After Finished Product is Published**-

*$100 deposit goes towards flat rate; I will provide you with an invoice following the completion of the site for your personal/business records and expenses* 

**This includes minor adjustments on the site equalling less than 15 minutes per change - edits requiring substantial changes (i.e. significant reformatting or adding a page) are subject to an additional charge which can be discussed at time of request**

Banana Pattern

hris, LSW, PHd

(Private Practice + Blog + Research)

indy Tceu, LCSW

(Private Practice)